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How do VMI dredges work?

VMI dredges use water as the means to transfer material from one location to another.  The first step in this process is
to agitate and mix the material with water.  This is achieved by using a rotating agitating device usually referred to as
the cutter head or auger.

The next step is to capture this mixture of material and water, known as slurry.  This is done by using a vacuum
suction located just behind the cutter head.  This suction is created by a centrifugal dredge pump attached to the
suction pipe behind the cutter head.  This dredge pump has a rotating impeller which draws the slurry into the front
suction of the pump and uses centrifugal force to divert the slurry out of the pump discharge.  This process causes a
vacuum at the suction and a positive pressure at the discharge of the pump.  A pipeline is used to contain this
pressure which in turn forces the slurry along through the pipeline toward the exit point.   

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What are the advantages of dredging?

The advantage of using a dredge over conventional earth moving equipment is due to its unique design for removing
material already under water. Conventional earth moving equipment requires the body of water be drained and allow
time for the bottom material to dry enough so that the equipment will not sink in the mud.

Often draining, a reservoir is not even an option. Some examples of this are: municipal water supplies; large lakes
where the dredging is only required in certain areas such as marinas; rivers where there is a constant flow of water;
and where the material produces odor or toxic chemicals when not covered by water. Another more specific
application, one that we have experience with, is an instance where the material cannot come directly into contact
with air, such as phosphorous, which will spontaneously ignite when exposed to oxygen.

Who uses dredges?

Dredges are used by many different individuals, companies and organizations. Some of the most common are listed

-Municipalities (waste water treatment and water districts)
-Sand and gravel mining
-Power plants
-Chemical plants
-Petroleum refineries
-Paper and pulp mills
-Government agencies
-Industrial waste
-Agriculture (Animal waste)

What are the advantages of VMI, Inc. dredges over other manufacturers?

VMI dredges offer many features that are not found on many dredges made by other manufacturers.  From the very
front of the dredges to the very back, there are many unique features.  VMI believes in providing customers with a high
quality long lasting product.  Each dredge is constructed with heavy steel construction and bracing to take the abuse
from years and years of use.  

New Innovations

VMI is constantly working to improve their dredges.  Because the customers are highly valued, their comments and
ideas are taken seriously and have contributed to many design innovations throughout the years.  Continuing efforts
are to improve efficiency, ease operation, reduce maintenance time and expense, and extend the life of the equipment.

Customer Service and Support

In addition to the all the features listed above, maybe the best feature of all is VMI customer service and support. After
purchase, rental or lease of a VMI, Inc. product, VMI can provide an experienced factory trained technician to assist
with set-up and training.  After initial start-up, anytime a problem arises, support by phone is available 24 hours a day if
necessary.  In the event that telephone support and trouble shooting does not solve the problem, in most cases we can
have a technician on-site anywhere in the continental US usually within 24 hours upon request.




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How VMI Dredges Work