Rentals & Leases

Dredge Equipment

Dredge Equipment Rental

Why purchase equipment for a short term job when you can get a dredge rental by the month? With a dredge rental by the month you only pay for what you use. When you are finished with your job simply return the dredge rental equipment. VMI has several sizes of dredge rentals to choose from as well as other dredging equipment.

Rent to Own

VMI offers easy dredge rental terms with a minimum of only one month. The rental fleet consists of the latest model equipment with low hours. Best of all, if you decide to purchase a machine after renting it, a percentage of the rent that you have already paid will be applied toward your purchase. Contact us for more information and current monthly dredge rental rates.

Dredge Equipment Leasing

Besides dredge rental equipment, we can also work with you to help you find a lender to set up a lease purchase on VMI dredging equipment.