Specialty Equipment

Outfit your dredge

GPS Systems

VMI offers global positioning systems for dredges. The system is a productivity tool for dredge operation, assisting the operator to dig the right amount from the right location. The software allows the operator to position and track the cut path to reduce missed areas and overlapping. A computer uses a hydrographic survey software package with cross section display/print and volume computations. The setup consists of using GPS hardware, software, and a personal computer. The setup can be incorporated onto new or used VMI dredging equipment.

Booster Pumps

VMI booster pumps are available in a variety of setups with either manual operation or fully automated. Multiple engine and pump combinations are available. Boosters can either come in skid mount, pontoon mount, or trailer mount versions.

Recessed Pumps

VMI hi-chrome recessed impeller underwater pumps are specifically designed to pump slurries and provide maximum free flow with the ability to pass large diameter solids. The pump case and impeller are made of hi-chrome cast iron to help resist against wear and abrasion to ensure the pump will last. The recessed impeller reduces direct impact wear by being placed in the rear of the case and allows large diameter solids to pass freely without having to pass between impeller vanes. Heavy duty roller bearings are used to handle the shaft loads for many hours of operation. A hydraulic motor is mounted to the bearing frame and coupled directly to the pump shaft to provide direct power to the pump. Each pump features a unique seal system eliminating the need for packing to reduce maintenance. Out of water pumps are available as well with or without hydraulic motor drives.

Closed Vane Impeller Dredge Pumps

VMI can provide a range of closed vane impeller pumps to fit your application and needs. These pumps are designed to pump a wide range of materials while providing maximum pumping efficiency. The wear parts are available in hi-chrome cast iron to help resist against wear from abrasive and high impact materials. The vane impellers are engineered to pass maximum particle sizes while maintaining a high pumping efficiency. Heavy duty roller bearings and an over sized shaft are used to handle both radial and thrust loads from the impacts of heavy operation. Both dry and underwater versions are available.

Sludge Plows

VMI sludge plows allow you to directly inject sludge and wastewater directly into the ground instead of using other means to transport the waste. You can connect the discharge pipe from a dredge directly to a sludge plow and be injecting at the same time you are dredging. This saves over transporting the waste by truck or tanker. VMI offers three models of sludge plows to choose from: BSP-7, BSP-9, and BSP-19. Each plow requires the tractor/crawler to have 8 drawbar horsepower per shank. The BSP-7 (7 shanks) requires 56 drawbar horsepower. The BSP-9 (9 shanks) requires 72 drawbar horsepower. The BSP-19 (19 shanks) requires 152 HP at the drawbar.

Sludge Plow Specs