Horizontal Dredge Technology

World Class Innovation & Durability

VMI innovates both design and technology for the dredging industry.

Hi-Chrome Cast Iron Recessed Impeller Pumps

impeller-pumpsVMI uses a recessed impeller to provide maximum free flow and performance in thick, viscous slurries. A recessed impeller allows the passage of large diameter solids reducing the potential for clogging. The pump is located directly behind the cutter head suction intake to provide maximum pumping efficiency. Each pump features a unique seal system eliminating the need for packing to reduce maintenance. The pump speed is fully-variable thanks to a hydraulic drive system coupled directly to the pump shaft.

(MD-815 Option) 8in. Hi-Chrome Cast Iron Closed Vane Impeller Pump
Provides increased head for pumping long distances and up high elevation changes.

Full-Width Suction Cutter Head

suction-cutter-headFeatures a fully variable high-torque hydraulic cutter drive allowing the operator to adjust the speed for maximum material uptake depending on the condition of the material being dredged.

The full-width, flow-through horizontal cutter head helps to ensure maximum material uptake by sucking from the full width of the cutter head rather than just from the center. This allows more material to make its way to the suction inlet of the pump.

Interchangeable trencher and paddle teeth enable the cutter head to chew into material, while at the same time paddling the material into the suction inlet of the cutter head. 30,348 in-lb of torque is provided to help the teeth eat away at tough materials.

Shock absorbers come standard to reduce shock loading and protect critical components and assemblies.

The cutter speed is fully variable both forward and reverse to allow the operator to adjust the speed for maximum material uptake while dredging forward or in reverse.

Flow-Through Suction Cutter Head

VMI’s Exclusive patented flow-through full-width suction cutter headAn open cutter cage allows material to freely flow through the cage while cutting instead of flowing around a pipe or tube. An integrated suction clean out hatch allows easy removal of any large or trapped debris.

Sturdy steel construction with strength bracing add durability to handle tough abuse. It all adds up to increased performance and productivity when you need it most!

Hydraulic Powered Cable Drive System

winch-systemThe winch drive provides substantial grip on the cable while minimizing wear. Our cable guide design allows you to attach and detach the dredge from the traverse cable without removing the cable from its anchors. Cable guides are mounted to the front and rear of the dredge to minimizing skewing side to side in cross wind or water flow conditions.

Four Independent Hydraulic Pumps

hydraulic-pumpVMI dredges are equipped with four independent hydraulic pumps to provide ample flow to all hydraulic components without starvation. All continuously operated dredging functions are equipped with variable speed so that you can optimize between engine speed and hydraulic operation speeds. Enhanced filtration and dedicated hydraulic tanks are used to extend the life of all hydraulic mechanisms.

Cummins Power Diesel Engines

cummins-powerCummins diesel engines are provided standard due to their reputation for dependability and long lasting service as well as their availability of parts and service worldwide.

Rigid Pontoon Hull

pontoon-hullVMI’s pontoons include v-brakes, internal cross bracing and multiple baffled compartments for extra rigidity. The pontoon seams are continuously welded and factory tested for leaks. Each individual compartment is foam filled for floatation safety. The bottom of the pontoons are provided with a skid channel to allow the dredge to be pulled into place.

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